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Today, 17 May 2021, it’s been 18 years since Arafan left us. Forever in our hearts!

Dear Arafan, we miss you so much! It’s been 17 years since you left us on 17 may 2003… We keep honouring your musical heritage and contribution to African music!

Dear Arafan, we miss your magical sound!
In respectful remembrance (2003-2019)

djembe master Arafan Touré
17 may 2003 – 17 may 2018

It’s been 15 years since Arafan left us…
We keep honouring him for his great talent and magical sound.
Let’s enjoy his unique approach to African music, and make sure his music lives on!

arafan on stage
Where the magic happened…
In memoriam our inspiring teacher and great performer.
17 may 2003 – 17 may 2017

Panthère played by Jamaican students of the Edna Manley College West African Drum Ensemble

These students – instructed by Ouida Lewis, former student of Arafan Touré – are proud to play the real thing from Guinea.

Guinean newspaper about the publication

On 20 september 2016 this article was published in Le Continent, a weekly newspaper in Conakry, Guinea:

Review on Guinean news-site

This web-article was published on 19 september 2016:

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Celebration Rotterdam

Sunday 22 may 2016 we celebrated the release of this publication in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. A tribute to Arafan Touré’s musical heritage, with workshops and performances by Arafan’s students with some of Arafan’s former colleague musicians from Guinea as special guests.

Visit the event page on facebook for impressions and reactions:
Arafan Touré Boek- en CD-presentatie

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Afrika Percussie
Celebration Rotterdam

About this project

For this project we are indepted to Arafan Touré, who taught us these beautiful rhythms. As you can imagine, after completing the score writing, studio recordings, design sessions, and production process, this is a real milestone for us. We hope to make lots of people happy by sharing Arafan Touré’s musical heritage and will keep you posted!
Arafan Touré
The proceeds of this project will be donated in their entirety to Music Centre
Arafan Touré.

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