Melodic rhythms by Arafan Touré

Acoustic Guinean Concert in Amsterdam on 8 october 2023

Performance by Groupe Namounyi
Including a Tribute to Arafan Touré & workshops on djembe and dundun

Inspiration from West Africa

Guinean djembe music worked out in great detail on professional music scores and on CD. Be inspired by this unique material composed by the famous djembe master Arafan Touré.
20 Compositions reflecting his 26 years of experience as a first-generation artist at Les Ballets Africains de Guinée.

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Sheet music, designed for musicians and teachers


Each rhythm score includes clear indications of the instruments required, the accompanying tracks on the CDs, and specific staves for each instrument.


Background information about Arafan, the rhythms and an explanation of how the rhythm notation has been applied.

Looking for a specific rhythm or instrument setup? The overview allows you to find the rhythms quickly and easily. For each of the 20 rhythms you can see which instruments are needed and where instruction tracks can be found on the CDs.


Box set with books and CDs

Book “Background” (15 p.)
Book “Sheet music” (60 p.)
CD 1 – 20 ensemble tracks
+ bonus track: Arafan playing two djembes
CD 2 – 94 instruction tracks


Concert de Tamtam, the first track of the ensemble CD:

      Concert de Tamtam

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