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West African rhythms in a western notation format

concertdetamtam-arafantoureWestern music notation makes the scores suitable for all kinds of instruments and for educational purposes.
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We took special care when designing the book to create a great reading experience: large scores, high contrast, and easy to find instrument icons. The proposed drum set, consisting of djembes and dunduns, is pictured in the intended setup for the specific rhythm at hand.

The accompanying CDs show how the rhythms may sound. The first CD contains complete performances, the second CD contains instruction tracks for each instrument.

Use it to compose your own music

Arafan Touré created compositions that can be used in many music styles. Although his melodies were composed for djembe and dundun, they may be played with other instruments such as horns, guitars or keyboards.

Some examples


Guitar-based audio track created by Mosound:

      Bolonba - mix

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by: Julien Desbordes, Lyon

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